Friday, 30 November 2012

2) Jatau Barde Jatau aka Sir Birrex

Ever heard the phrase "men are from mars, women are from venus", well that's the best way to explain Jatau. He comes from an entirely different universe, you've got to know him personally to understand what I mean.

I met Jatau on New Year's Eve two years ago, I can't really say for sure that was our first time meeting, our families are friends and we're basically neighbours. However we became good friends starting from that day when my friend Zayyad introduced us and to convince me that I wouldn't regret it he described Jatau as "good people". He couldn't be more right.

When you meet Jatau you know he's different. I mean who from this generation listens to Oumou Sangare, Fatoumata Diawara and Fela Kuti. I mean Fela I can understand but the others, I barely hear what they say *sigh* but that's Jatau for you. Weird music taste and outspoken. No one frustrates me more than this boy, engaging in an argument with him makes me want to slash my wrist slowly. But put that aside Jatau is well informed, politics, religion, sports, name it and he knows it. Which is probably why arguing with him frustrates me.

I've seen people come from good backgrounds and throw it all away as soon as they cross the Nigerian borders but Jatau, he knows where he's coming from and he knows where he's going. He's got a good head on his shoulders; a big one but how will we do now? He's motivational and he pushes you to do more for yourself than you can imagine, sometimes it's annoying but it's nice to know that someone believes you're capable of more and wants to see you achieve that. Did I mention he's kind and compassionate and his door is always open to everyone. Literally his door is always open, you can walk into his room and steal anything. But jokes aside he's a peoples person no matter where he finds himself he tries to engage people in mind stimulating conversations from his flatmates to even cab drivers. I always tease him for being a "famzer" but I wouldn't have him any other way.I believe it's his outspoken character that would take him places. There's home in his character, you can always find comfort with him.

Now Ladies if you want this man you can contact me and I'll arrange something for you *wink wink*. Anyways Jatau is a real person in a world full of counterfeits. I can't wait to see the changes he's going to make in Nigeria.

Twitter: @sirbirrex
Instagram: sirbirrex

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