Friday, 30 November 2012

10 Most Influential People I Know

Hey Hey, so I got bored in class and a post idea came to mind; hey why not write about the top 10 influential people you know of. People who would make a difference in our time, it could come as a confidence boost for some of them, to let them know you believe in them or not. Whatever. But I'm going with my guts and I'm blogging on 10 people; mostly my friends, that I feel are influential and would make a difference in this world.

Now if you don't make this list please don't unfriend me :( I'm pretty sure all my friends are influential in one way or the other or we wouldn't be friends in the first place. These people are the kind of role models I would want my kids to look up to. Not to swell any of their heads, they are not perfect either, they have their flaws. This is me appreciating all that you are and all that you do, have done and will continue to do.

For length sake I'll be doing each profile by post so it doesn't end up as one long ass lengthy post okay? AND IT IS NOT BY ORDER OF INFLUENCE!!!! RANDOM NUMBERING. Now if we have that covered I hope you enjoy the following posts. Oh and please don't start being nice to me so you can make the list, I already have my 10 people hahahahahhahahaa. I'm kidding I love you

Thank you,

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