Friday, 30 November 2012

3) Ibrahim Abdullahi aka Mr President

Vince Lombardi once said "Leaders aren't born they are made..." but I want to believe there's an exception to that rule and that is Ibrahim Abdullahi; a born leader and a man of excellence. And with each passing day an ounce of greatness is added to his life. A man of eloquence and of great humble spirit, Ibrahim is hope that there can still be change in my country.

And what better way to show you that than with proof of his numerous achievements? Starting at a young age, at 12, he was already on the Children's parliament. He went on to help start a global initiative to provide access to safe drinking water and sanitation for all children along side eminent British Lawyer Cherie Blair (yes Tony Blair's wife). He is also co founder of Amandla Consulting and an international firm called The Whitenights Partnership Ltd that does business across Africa. He is involved in a number of charity works among other accomplishments.

You see I could keep on listing his achievements and it would go on and on but my point is from a young age he started being the change he wanted to see in his country and in the world. Do you know how easy it is to get carried away in the 21st century? And to see that despite it all he hasn't lost sight of his vision is amazinng, it's inspiring. And someday when I have sons of my own Uncle Ibrahim is who I'm going to tell them to look up to.

He's going places and has already won himself the title "Mr President" and you know what if he ever ran for President (which I hope to God he does) I'll get my entire village to vote for him. Because I know that with someone as philanthropic and focused as him, Nigeria would be a better place for my kids and future generations to live in. People like Ibrahim inspire me to not sit back, fold my arms and complain about how bad the world/Nigeria is but to get out there and start working towards the positive change everyone wants to see.

His Linked in profile could not have summarised his character any better:
Passionate about building a new cadre of leaders with the integrity, vision and capacity to make Nigeria a better place and contribute to Global Peace and Development.

To combine my legal and entrepreneurial skills in the development of an enterprise to provide efficient services and add value to individuals, groups and organizations. 

Twitter: @IbAbdullahi
Instagram: ibrahimabdullahi

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