Friday, 30 November 2012

4) Aisha Shuaibu aka Keesha

Now if y'all thought I was gonna skip out on Keesha, you thought wrong! There are few people in this world that I am grateful I met and that list wouldn't be complete without Aisha.

I met Keesha at a party our mutual friends hosted. Before that all I knew was about her was well just her name cause we had mutual friends. So when she walked into the room we were getting ready in and I lay eyes on her I knew I had imprinted, JK I'm not a werewolf but really I was scared we wouldn't get along at first. But Keesha turned out to be one of those friends you meet one minute and feel like you've known your whole life. From that moment a lifetime of friendship began. From lunches to spa dates we were close to inseperable

Athletic, pretty and talented, Keesha knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. However summer of 2011 I saw a different side to Keesha. The side that wanted to change the world for less privileged kids. She and a couple others founded MGF; the Millenium Generation Foundation, a globally operated non profit charity organisation. To kick start their agenda, they hosted a fashion show in the city of Abuja. For some it was just another event to come socialise at, for others it was an opportunity to showcase their designs but for Keesha, Amos, Samira and the other founders it was an endless battle, day in day out, sleepless night to pull off an event that would help raise money to renovate a government primary school in Mararaba.

Have you ever seen such determination? (Yeah that's right I used a Ryan Leslie line, one of the other reasons why I love her) Waking up early, driving round town, jumping from meeting to meeting, client to client, approving/disapproving designers, attending model casting (typing it alone is exhausting) sometimes on an empty stomach. The one day I tried to help out and spend the day planning the event I chickened out at the end. I was so beat when I went home my mum couldn't stop laughing at how lazy I was and you can imagine doing that for days. Long story short, the lives of the kids in that school would never be the same all because MGF came to their rescue.

And bless her heart Keesha, I know she's going to do a lot more than that, she already has, organising sport tournaments for charity, spending days in an orphanage. What more could she give back to society? It's not enough to see the ad on tv about these less privileged kids, shake your head and thank God you're in a better place. No, you're in a better place because God wants you to bless those who aren't and I know for sure that Keesha and the MGF family are doing just that. I couldn't be more happier that I'm blessed with such a friend.

P.S She's taken, sorry boys :p

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