Saturday, 1 December 2012

6) Kyrian Ikoku aka AsherStorm

In arts there are painters who leave pictures behind for the world to admire centuries later and there are poets whose words we recite decades after decades. In my era we have lyricists, poetry has taken a different turn. I know everyone wants to rap these days but so little have the words to move you. But not this guy; Kyrian Ikoku.

Kyrian and I go way back to when we were little. We were good friends and he was the cute shy guy who sat at the back of class and then we lost touch. Years later I get in touch with him again but to a different Kyrian; the guy who usually had little to say was gone, now in his place was a bolder person with a lot on his mind to share with the world. It's not the cliche "popping bottles in the club" or "let me see what you're twerking with" sort of lyrics, it's words that cut through to your soul and get you thinking. The kind you steal to tweet or use as your BBM status hehe.

So maybe years from now future generations won't have poems to recite in literature classes but lyricists whose words inspire them to make a change either in their personal lives or in the world. My personal favorite is a duet he did with Maffy Beatz, (who happens to be his cousin, I see talent runs in the family), When Angels Fall, it's worth a listen.

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