Tuesday, 11 December 2012

7) Sarah Kigozi

I only met Sarah this year when I transferred to University of Westminster and judging by the short period that I've known her, I know she's going to do wonders in the world. She's the bubbly petite girl on the cheerleading squad but she's more than that...

Before I met Sarah I had this obsession for babies (still do), but you know those really adorable baby pictures you see on tumblr or people's display picture and can't help but steal and then fantasize about having a cute one of yours someday... well one fateful evening Sarah and I were studying; she's my study partner and I was going on and on about wanting an adorable baby and she said to me "well what if you get a disabled child?" and added on about how it isn't always the beauty I should pray for but also the health of the baby. Changed my view that day and I only started praying for a healthy baby. Thing is we all want cute adorable babies but the real challenge is what happens when we have a disabled child instead. It takes alot of courage, faith and time to love them just as much as you would have loved that tumblr baby.

Sarah has dedicated her time and passion to working with a disabled children's charity called Bernado's. Her life plans revolve around working with this kids to give them a better life, supporting them, nurturing them and even educating them. She hopes to change the lives of such kids in Uganda; her home town someday and not just there but the world. She's going to do amazing things on behalf of those kids because she has a passion for that, to love and cherish them like any other child.  I wouldn't be surprised if she owned her own charity someday because that's where she's headed.

Susan Hampshire once said "it's a lonely existence to be a child with a disability which no one can see or understand..." but with people like Sarah Kigozi in the world I believe that kids out there would be less lonely because she is a guardian angel for them. 

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