Monday, 3 December 2012

This Christmas

Hey y'all,
So we in december now and I'm mad excited. My favourite season, christmas with the family has always been one adventurous journey after the other. Sadly this is going to be my first christmas away from home. Can't say that I'm happy. I'm going to miss the family house and my extra large family (note never ask me how many we are in my family cause I don't even know). Anyways we usually go back to the village and have a 2-3 days never ending party, from barbecues to dinners to random dance competitions in the compound with our very own Marghi John Legend, Kuchi (some of you know him), never a glamourous time for us girls who are working all day and night non stop but hey as long as we're with family it's the best period. Not going to lie and say I'm going to miss cooking for about 100 people every day though but I'm going to miss the arguments, jokes, grumping about, juicy gossips and laughters.

Yeah I know it isn't close to Christmas yet but I just watched This Christmas and it made me cry; yeah I'm a cry baby for movies, some of you already know that. Oh wells this is my favourite scene, apart from the scene when Lisa whooped Malcom's ass for cheating on her (Future Husband be warned). Anyways is there anything better than family?

P.s My Christmas wishlist is coming soon, watch out for it :D

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