Smile, He said, He took my hands
He led me to the dance floor,
He held me close, he never let go
People would always talk, He reminded me
Never let them get into your head

As we swayed to the jazz
He kissed my temple
Forever yours, He told me
Together forever I replied him
My heart leapt for joy

In that moment, it was bliss
It was my safe haven
He was mine and I was his
And together we would grow old

Fast forward to today
Here I sit in my rocking chair
Tenderly playing in the background,
Memories like a kaleidoscope rush back
My first, My last, He was

Forever I did get,
Old and wrinkled I smile to myself
He may be gone for a while
But in Heaven would I meet him


  1. awww, thats sooo cute. I almost dropped a tear<3. Nice writing gal.

    1. Awwww Thank you darling. I follow your blog as well. Love it

    2. I love your blog posts,i get them in so many ways.. <3

    3. Thank you Meerah!! I just started following your blog as well. Fabulous

  2. I pray we all find someone to grow old with someday. Though the boys of our generation kinda make that hard to believe, I'm sure there are a few good ones left out there


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