Thursday, 14 March 2013

First Dates

Everyone knows they are tricky, a conflict of norms and interest. Do I wear cologne? Does that top give out too much? Do I laugh at all his jokes? Why is she talking so much? Do i ask for a refill? OMG what if my stomach makes those gassy sounds? Urgh and if I make a grammatical error? Lord i hope he didn't hear that, laughing when you don't hear the other person well, hoping to God it was a joke they said and not a question. Soo many questions being asked, in our heads of course and sometimes the voices in your head don't pick a better time to criticise you than then. It's racking, unnerving right from preparation to the actual date. What if the food isn't nice? What do we talk about? Should I talk about great aunt Shelly? What do I wear? Oh God what do I wear?!! What's worse is when you're being surprised, you don't want to turn up overdressed or underdressed. Well not here to talk about what you wear, that's really between you and your closet.

I'm more interested in the date itself. Lunch dates, dinner dates, indoor dates, outdoor dates, the whole damn lot sets me on freaking edge!!! However what I've come to realise is if you're 100% yourself that day there's really nothing that could go wrong. Of course first impressions count so she wont be impressed by your burp and the fart sounds your armpits make. And he really doesn't care about how many beauty pageants you've won, He's got eyes to see you're beautiful. But just yesterday my friend showed me an article on why relationships end and one of the reasons was along the way the real you starts to show and it isn't beautiful. Avoid this easily by being yourself 100%!! right from day one. Trust me if it's meant to be he/she is gonna accept you either way. And really the world needs more real people than counterfeit. If you snort while laughing then do it, he's probably going to think it's cute. If he doesn't then to hell with him, no one's perfect. Be able to laugh at yourself and accept your flaws and then it makes it easier for them to love you too.

Of course all golden rules for first dates still apply, learn to make the conversation two way, bla bla bla but all I'm saying is, don't pretend to be who you're not just to get 'em to like you more. Cause when the real you starts to show, and it would my darling, things are gonna get ugly and trust me you would regret it.



  1. I couldn't agree more with this post. I hate when i start dating a girl and she turns out to be the exact opposite of who she was in the beginning. I'd rather know what i'm dealing with from the start

  2. Hmmm interesting. good tip for first dates.