Thursday, 14 March 2013


Do you know what I've never grasped? Kissing! what is that? you put your lips on mine next you stick your tongue in mine, our tongues are frolicking and ooh wait what's that? Saliva -_-. Frankly thinking about it makes you erm I dunno.

However in the act it feels different, sometimes it's magical other times I'm like woah hold up there mister! they are lips okay not pop tarts, don't suck them all in like that. And what's with all that spitum? control your mouth! I'm telling you, you kiss some people and you swear off that act and others make you not want to ever seperate your lips again.

So this post of course is to those who think their lips are vacuum cleaners. I know there's no exact curriculum that teaches you how to kiss or date people or whatever. Except maybe they've introduced it into sex education but my point is it's tricky. I get it. You watch some movies and you cringe when they kiss like please breathe a little. How do you know just when to slip your tongue in? When to change the position of your head? Some guys yeah just want to paralyse your neck, like oya now lets switch. Yeah practise makes perfect, there's no denying that but if I may point out just one thing

YOU GOTTA START SLOW, KISS SLOWLY, GENTLY AT FIRST BEFORE YOU GET ALL PASSIONATE! Please do not start by sticking your tongue out first. What do you think you are? Salamander lizard? If you must practise, please do before you gnaw off his/her lips. Having said that I had an amazing kiss tonight. hehe goodnight



  1. LMAOO!! Salamander lizard!!! you just killed me!1

  2. HAHAHHAHAHA!!!! Vacuum cleaners! shit!

  3. This is by far your funniest post!! LOL!

  4. God bless you girl coz you have the most creative posts. This just made my day.

  5. This made me laugh. Nice. ;@)