Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Red or Green? Make Up Your Damn Mind

Mixed signals. NO one likes that. Lol no one. I was just laughing with my best friend over a guy who gave her mixed signals so I made fun of him to make her laugh.

So guys give mixed signals too? It's no longer a feminine thing. Thank Jesus. But let's get things straight, we are grown ups here. If you like me open your damn mouth and say it. We are in our 20s now, no time for child's play. If you've got something on your mind you better tell me and make sure that's what you want before you speak.

I have decided now that the next time I like a boy I would tell him straight up. Mixed signals? Ain't nobody got time for that

Paris is Always a Good Idea

Yes Audrey you're right, there isn't any better idea than going to Paris most especially when you need a break from work, men, stress, life in general. So I couldn't have picked a better time to go to Paris than in the bud of Spring.

It was such a romantic trip - despite the fact that I was there with two girls and not a lover. Yet it was still a romantic experience. Was it the sun kissed feeling from the rainy days in London? or the men calling out compliments as we walked past them. Yes to them we were three exotic black girls who wore bright colours contrary to the neutral colours Parisienne women are so often known for. Was it the cuisine? or the freebies we always got?

Was it the Palace of Versailles and the Garden tours with the fountain show in the evening? Maybe. That was such a luxurious experience and a magical feeling, walking in the steps of royalty, literally.

Or perhaps it was the boat cruise along the River Seine with the accordion music playing all through. The beautiful scenery and the bridge of love? Or the beautiful rainbow that graced the skies? Or maybe it was the tall and famous Eiffel Tower that gave you the best view of the city by day and illuminated your world at night?

Oh it definitely had to be the macaroons! the beautiful gorgeous palette collection of macarons everywhere you turned. I turned into a maniac buying from every fondee house I could. I just had to get them and they came in the most beautiful boxes, really great for gifts.

Haha how could I forget Disneyland? Where everyone becomes a child once again. The candy, the rides, the cartoon characters you often watched as child all brought to life before your very eyes.

Everything was picture perfect and it sparked the strongest of emotions in your heart; Love, single or not, you had to be in love in Paris. If the scenery doesn't get you, the culture would; the passion, the fashion, the language. Something had to make you fall in love with Paris and get you begging for more. It was the best holiday ever and I know this for sure, I left my heart in Paris!

Be Mysterious... Be in Love... Be Happy.

Chirp Chirp...

Guess who is a free birdy now? ME!!!!!!
I am soo sorry for abandoning you but I handed in my dissertation yesterday after months and months of research and writing. Almost lost myself doing that.

Oh well I'm just glad it's over, soo many things have happened that I want to tell you about. I could tell you about a boy, yes there's a boy or I could tell you about Paris. Yes I choose Paris :P. Paris was my early graduation present from my brother and sister, the best damn siblings ever. So that's what my next post would be about, hang around....

I hope you missed me too. Here's to a wonderful summer of writing. 

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Endless race

Sometimes I think I'm slightly addicted to temple run cause it presents me with a metaphorical escape from my problems. I feel like I'm the character on an endless race from whatever is haunting me. Past mistakes, present mistakes I don't even know. All I want to do is run from them, for as long as I can in the hopes that they don't catch up to me