A Mother's Love

A friend of mine once asked me if I was ready to be a mother and without a hesitation in the world I said YES. People who know me, know I suffer from a severe case of baby fever. But being a mum is work. It's everything and then some. It changes everything. From your body to your outlook on the world. 

When you conceive a baby, your life changes. There's no you, no career, no selfishness. Your world revolves around that baby. Providing for the baby, taking care of the baby, loving the baby. Diaper changes, midnight duty, putting up with adolescent attitude, giving up everything for them. For the next 18 years your life hits the pause button hard, and for some it's longer than 18. Panic, anxiety and worry become your three best friends from every dance recital to every football game. To bicycle rides and learning to drive a car. From the company they keep to the social events they attend. You worry, that they might break a bone or not return. That you might lose them someday, you worry constantly. 

And then they grow up and you pray to God that all you've taught them is enough to sustain them in the world. To guide their path and help them choose who they want to be. You teach them your religion, drag them to church or islamiya and make them say the grace at dinner. But they grow up and decide what relationship they want with God. And sometimes accepting that they are adults is about the hardest thing you can do. Because it seems like just yesterday that you held their tiny little fingers in your hands. 

A mothers love conquers all they say. You bring life into earth and watch it grow. You watch em disconnect with you and hopefully rebuild their relationship with you once again. You watch them make mistakes, you rebuke them, disapprove of their choices but you can't decide who they should be. So whatever the outcome, you have to love them nonetheless. Lawyer, doctor, smart, slow, cranky, beautiful, physically impaired, you've still got to love them. Why? Because a mothers love conquers all. 

So if I'm asked the question again, in a heartbeat I'd say yes. My mother made the same choice and I would be most honoured to be bestowed with such a responsibility and I pray that you too can❤


  1. Awww this is such a nice write up. I would say yes too, when the time is right. lol

  2. True. Being a mum is such a great sacrifice. But it's always worth it in the end


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