An Ode to a Legend: Audrey Hepburn

So here I am on a saturday afternoon, I've cleaned out a whole portion of my closet (de-cluttering my life) and it's time to study but all I want to do is have a lazy saturday with the one whose name shall not be mentioned but I've decided to blog till the study mojo comes along.

It's Audrey's birthday!! woooop woooop. I love this lady, I'm not crazy about her like some people are, in fact I only started liking her about 2 years back from my best friend but It's hard not to love her, noble, beautiful and elegant. She's the type of lady every girl should aspire to be.

And everyday I wake up to this big poster from the famous scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's and it brightens up my day most times. A funny face she has indeed but she made us learn to embrace our imperfections. My favourite quote from that movie is "I don't want my eyebrows up or down, I want them right where they are". She got us falling in love with Tiffany's and dreaming of a life in New York. She made us believe in pink
and hold on to our fairytales just a little bit longer. She taught us to love, to let go of our fear of falling and just do it; Love. And in nobility, she did charity work that has inspired people and changed lives. She made us leave our hearts in Paris and dream of a day when we could all go there because well "Paris is always a good idea". Then she tiptoed round our closets and made us all purchase an item of pearls; earrings, bracelet, necklace, if not all. But best of all, she made us laugh more because "Happy girls are the prettiest" and cause laughing is the best calorie burner and a cure for a multitude of ills. She left a legacy, a legacy not to be forgotten 50 years from now or ever. And when I have daughters of my own, I hope to God that Audrey would be the kind of role model they would look up to.

So Happy Birthday Audrey, you impacted our lives so much and saved some of us from being drag queens or a horrible version of ourselves. And in your honour I'm going to be having an Audrey marathon starting with my all time favourite; Breakfast at Tiffany's and then Love in the Afternoon ( I should probably make a list of my ten best Audrey movies, maybe).


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