Socially Awkward?

Am I the only one who finds certain social gatherings awkward? Like dinners were people, supposedly friends, gather to eat at the expense of another?
And there they sit, fiddling with their glass, food, hair. Or maybe replying imaginary messages. Or maybe calling people you suddenly remembered you hadn't heard from in a while just so you had an excuse to leave the table and skip out on the awkwardness? Lol. 

And what happens when people talk amidst themselves, forming little circles of conversations? Does that make it more awkward or does it count as people making conversations? Then what happens when you so happen to not have a little circle to converse with and have one on each side of yours. There you sit with your phone typin your next blog post like me


  1. LOL that's truly awkward. I try to always go with a date to certain places. You just never know

    1. I should start doing that, always having a date. You just never know indeed

  2. hahahaha lol this is me. texting imaginary peopel. oh


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