Dirty Laundry

Ever looked in your closet and gone 'wow that's a whole load of skeletons', yup we all have skeletons, some a little more than others. Anyways after making dinner for friends, I needed something else to do while they chatted over football and I opened up all my social networks; instagram, twitter and path. Noticed everyone going on o and on about this new single by Kelly Rowland; Dirty Laundry so I quickly opened a new tab for YouTube and gave the song a good listen.

I'm probably on my 20th replay in the past hour, yes it's that good regardless of the negative comments some are tweeting, people would always give out bad energy anyways. Dirty Laundry is as real and true as it can get. Imagine a clean slate, baring you soul out, a clean slate where everyone can peer into your deepest thoughts, deepest fears, the ones you took time trying to hide or surpress. And then all of a sudden, you bare it all. That's dirty laundry, she dug deep into her soul for this one. It's not the greatest track of course, but it's real and transparent.

And that's what I admire, her ability to bare her soul on a track about her insecurity, her true feelings about Beyonce's success and an abusive relationship. Got me thinking of some dirty laundries of mine. Nothing is ever as it seems.

When you wear pain this good, it never airs out


  1. GOSH! I love this song, i just wanted to reach out and give her a hug

    1. Me too!!! I guess everyone goes through something that would shock the world if it came to limelight


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