Emotional Claustrophobia

Have you ever had days when you just couldn't put up with anymore bullshit?

Felt like you were choking in your own world? Felt like you couldn't breathe? Like the air around you felt contaminated? Contaminated with bull shit?

Days when you want to log out of every social network account you know? Days when you want to switch off your phone for at least a day?

No calls no text no contact with the outside world. Just lock yourself up and breathe. Breathe in serenity. Breathe in peace. Breathe in silence. Just you and you alone.   

Diagnosed with emotional claustrophobia? Take a breather. Escape the world or lose your sanity. Screaming helps. Just so you know. It does. If you don't want attention scream into your pillow. Break something. Nothing valuable. Take a bath or swim. Olivia Pope swims. Walking is my go to medication. 


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