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Tell All books. We've seen our favourite celebrities even our least favourites write one. Expose every detail of their life or at least a little of everything. Might not be glamorous in some bits. Might offend some, ruin relationships or foster them. Or even strengthen current relationships. It requires digging into the deepest darkest pit of our memory and revealing our most intimate thoughts and actions. It has its consequences like it has its perks. It leaves no stone unturned, no skeletons in the closet. Once it's out there, your life becomes black and white. And every stranger, family, friend and enemy knows not just who you are but who you REALLY are.  But I guess that's the problem with having something to say. Not everyone is going to like what they hear or in this case read. 

I wonder, if the time comes, would I ever write a tell all book? Hmmmmm


  1. i love the title of this post and i don't know why, i smiled when i read it. I think sharing our lives be it good or bad is a decision that is difficult, but with me i think if sharing my story is going to help somebody then i will do it in a heartbeat if it means that someone's life will change in a good way.

    1. That's very true. If it would impact lives then it's a risk worth taking. Look forward to reading yours. Yes? Lol

    2. yes it is :) and it will be rewarding too. Lool i haven't lived enough to have so much to say. I am still on the road to self discovery maybe when i have lived enough then you will get a chance to read it :)


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