Glimmer of Innocence

From time to time Beau accuses me of being a little child, which I am not going to dispute. I still wear head bands (bunny ears to be specific), have a poster of disney princesses in my room, I still watch Disney. And when I visited Disneyland this year, I was crying when Mickey Mouse kissed me on the cheek. Let's just say I left a couple of kids stunned..

What can I say? In my defence I think everyone should still have a small child in them. Because that's their glimmer of innocence. In a cruel and unfair world, where poverty, diseases and corruption coexist, any little glimmer of innocence should be preserved. And childhood, well that's one form of innocence that's becoming as distinct as dinosaurs. I mean 10 year olds holding smartphones, clad in expensive clothes and make up, 13 year olds having sex, 16 year old mums. You see where I'm coming from? I think that no matter how old we get, we should still have that thing/object/hobby we glee for with child like excitement like football or a song or cars or a character. Being a grown up well it's a female dog and there's something so subtle and carefree about childhood that I keep going back to. Like it's my safe haven, those childlike things I hold on to, it's pretty much all I have left.

So 21 or not, would I still squeal when I see Mickey Mouse? Hell Yeah. I'll still wear my bunny slippers and wear my Minnie nightie (that was a gift, don't judge me), watch cartoons and animation with the concentration of a 3 year old and have more teddies on my bed than Hamley's. And if that makes me a big baby then cheers, I still have a glimmer of innocence in me.


P.s If you find someone in their clear 40/50s still acting like a child, there's a difference. I said glimmer not the whole 9 yards :p


  1. That last sentence was for sho necessary. On point

  2. Wow Bondi. I read your articles often and they are quite entertaining...keep it up!


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