Friday, 17 May 2013

Gloomy Skies and Snuggly Blankets

I am disappointed... Yes well upset. I left the sun, beach and night life in Barcelona to return to London's bipolar weather. I mean it's mid May, what do we have to do Mother Nature, some sacrifice? what would it take to get the sun and not the rain? :(

Anyways the weather doesn't look so great so I've been indoors, in bed actually. Been catching up on all the TV series I had to give up during school peak period. It's been an interesting morning, first Vampire Diaries left me with misty eyes and Scandal had me dropping my jaws. Next is Revenge, heard Emily/Amanda's been up to some mischief of her own. Let's see.

Before I forget, I'm sadly a busy bee sometimes. And it's already driving me insane that I don't have work to do. I need a project to take on, as I'm sadly not the most creative person walking this earth, my choices are limited. Anyone with a good idea please hit me up. One more lazy day and I'd crack. 


  1. Off to the gym. Heheheh or catch up with the friends you have missed badly during exam periods.

    1. Thank you. Im going to concentrate on yoga, writing and being a tourist in my own city. LOL