How Thick is Your Skin?

Certain sitch in life make you develop a thick skin, like being bullied in junior school or being picked upon cause you're different and not society's definition of beauty (I should someday comment on how society ruins us). As you get older, life forces you to develop a thick skin in one way or the other. Cause people talk, all the time, and sometimes what they say isn't always nice. Everyone has some opinion about your weight, your look, your attitude, your choices, something about you which maybe at some point struck a nerve but then you got used to it along the way. 

I started watching Private Practise not long ago, late comer I know. I love Charlotte and I love her relationship with Cooper too. She eludes the strength that most women need to get by in this life. I always thought she was the most stubborn TV character till she started showing vulnerability with Cooper and it made me realise this. No matter how thick your skin is, when it comes to people you care about, there's always an inch left for vulnerability. Why am I saying this?

Well beau is kind of an asshole you see. I love him, don't get me wrong but he's the type to drive you insane by teasing you and looking for trouble and sometimes saying insensitive things. And I try to not let it get to me all the time but sometimes I just wanna shake him and say "What is wrong with you?" Certain things you can take from the world and just don't give a damn but when someone you care about does the same thing it infuriates you cause you expect them to be your safe haven. The last place to have to put on a brave face with. 

Anyways I was just randomly sharing a thought not that beau has done anything today, I'm sure he did something yesterday LOL. As you were 



  1. Oh Gosh!! I love Charlotte too. Her southern accent thrills me and she's such a strong character.


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