Letter to My Unborn Daughter 2

Hi Angel,

Disappointments.... What's life without them? Your aunt always said 'Never expect anything", that's the key to avoiding disappointment. That would mean living a life of little or no hope and not believing in so many things to avoid disappointments. But what kind of mother would I be if I advised you to take that lifestyle up, just so you don't feel the etching betrayal of disappointments? What kind of mother would I be if I told you not to love, not to dream, not to dare because you would get disappointed at some point in your life. That your dreams may be harder to achieve, that the person you love would let you down, that risking it would have consequences? I couldn't possibly do that.

One thing I can say however, is no matter the disappointment, you've got to bounce back. You've got to move on. Would it be easy? No. If you don't get that job, you might feel discouraged, pray about it. If he breaks your heart, you wouldn't rush to put yourself out there, I understand. Hurt for sometime and find your healing then get back up and move on. If your business venture crashes, then maybe it wasn't meant to be or it was preparing you to build something bigger and better. In every disappointment, there is a lesson hidden. Not everything would work your way, there would be ups and downs, upsy turvy, discouragements, frustrations and most of all disappointments. I may disappoint you at some point. Don't let it get you down baby, learn your lesson and move on. Cause if you stay in that same spot, upset and hopeless, life may come and pass you by....



  1. Awwwww grwat advice. I love that you bond with your unborn daughter already. You'll make a wonderful mum


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