Main Dish: Tuwon Shinkafa

So I'm meant to be studying for an exam and I got carried away in my thoughts. I started thinking about home; Nigeria and in particular the dating life, because well we have reached that stage where you're done with uni so you're technically allowed to date according to Nigerian timing. It was so random, I know but hear me out. 

I was wondering just how different it is to the West, I wouldn't know cause last time I was home I wasn't at the dating stage. Having experienced the dating life in London, going on lunch dates, movie dates, formal dinner dates, park dates, the whole experience how do you transition into that same routine in Nigeria.

Is it millenium Park you would go and take a walk in with your beau? Or silverbird where those younglings have taken over? or for some people that life feeling romantic with candlelit home cooked meals for two, is it in your father's house that you would begin to do that one?

Imagine, after enjoying steak and rosemary potatoes or filet mignon and the rest, you go back home and start serving tuwon shinkafa da miyan kuka as main dish for your lover. Even the candles sef, when I start lighting them up my mother would just laugh and ask 'is it ritual you're doing?' because face it at 20, 21 you are still in your father's house. So enjoy your cosy urban flats while you may because your father's house awaits you in Abuja. 

And think about all those romantic gestures we so often lavish ourselves with, bouquet of roses, hotel getaways, spa dates. I'm sorry but in my head romance and Nigeria just don't mix, I don't know why. Thinking about it makes me want to cry sef.

Anyways I'm not trying to be a killjoy or anything. I know we're evolving and have modern restaurants like Tulip Bistro and all those other fancy places in Lagos but transitioning is going to be hard and frustrating! And I so don't look forward to that :( 


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