Rowntree's Randoms and Bruno Mars

I should be reading for my final exam tomorrow, the last hurdle to cross till I am officially done with Undergrad but I'm sitted here in the library downing Rowntree's Randoms Jelly and listening to When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars on repeat, which I only fell in love with today after watching the most adorable kid perform this song on Ellen DeGeneres. It's so sweet, if you don't awww at some point or dry your eyes then I know you've got some serious emotional issues.

Notice I've given the blog a new look? Yeah that's how distracted I got, so much for finals. And what's with the gloomy weather again? Come on England!! it's May. On the plus side I'm going to Barcelona on Saturday and I've kept a keen eye on my weather app making sure the temp doesn't drop below 20 degrees. Just how I manage to do this, I don't know. Which reminds me I need to pack. I got this really pretty yellow dress from Ax Paris that I just can't wait to wear *childish grin*

Oh and seeing as I'm going to be away, Beau came to see me in the library, whose idea of a lunch date is McDonald's. He's awesome I tell you, he does the strangest things sometimes that you have no choice but to awwww at. But anyway I am going to see him tomorrow and really if he takes me to McDonalds I'm going to buy him a romantic handbook. I'm sure there's one on eBay. Romance for dummies, no?

Well well wish me luck for my finals tomorrow. It's quite a tricky module and currently everyone on this floor is studying for the same exam and looks just as frustrated as I was before I saw Beau.



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