Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday with Khloe Kardashian

I wonder how your sunday evening is going, mine is pretty good actually. I was randomly stalking people on twitter yesterday and went on Khloe's page and noticed she was going to be gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan UK this month and felt the need to get the magazine.

I don't watch Keeping up with the Kardashian's or any reality show, in fact the one time I watched an episode of the Kardashians was when my friend was making my hair and she and her sisters wanted it on. Every single time Kim's voice came over the speakers I cringed... well that's not why I'm here.

I was drawn to Khloe (I know that sounds weird) but she was created to be different, to stand out (literally) and she's doing that. Even though I know nada about the Kardashians (cause I just can't be bothered), there's something about Khloe that makes you want to like her. At first I felt bad for her cause you know she's bigger than her sisters and society just reigns on your parade when you don't fit into its definition of 'beauty' but I started reading this interview and knew I had found my confidence role model. 

She made so many confessions from sibling rivalry to body critics, starting a family, her marriage whirwind and so many other things. I would tell you all about it but that would kill Cosmopolitan's market and I don't want any law suit -_-

But there are two things she said that inspired me the most and they had to do with relationships.

Number 1 is for people who let relationships define them, "I never felt a guy defined me. I liked being single and getting to know myself". GBAM!! I've been singing this for as long as I can remember. People think I'm just consoling myself in the forever alone zone but honestly, life isn't so bad as a single person. You discover so much not just about yourself but your world. Some of you just behave like if you're not in a relationship, your world is over. Tell me, when they gave birth to you did you come into this world with a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Number 2 is for everyone, single, committed or aspiring to be, "The more you involve other people, the more you bring out the negative", she's referring to privacy in relationships. Bless her for saying this. I just recently noticed how much I value privacy with my relationships and sort of wished certain people did as well. I mean there's nothing wrong with throwing a cute picture on instagram once in a while and referring to them in a tweet or two. But when I begin to know when your beau is in the toilet too?!!! caman!!! draw a line. The less people who know about your business, the better. Not everyone is out for your happiness, not even family! You gotta know just how much into your private life (RELATIONSHIPS) you let people peek. I assure you one thing, misery does love company, not everyone is genuinely interested in seeing you happy and sometimes people just want to destroy a good thing. 

Y'all should get the magazine, it's worth the read and just £2. Plus there are a couple more articles that could benefit you, fashion, love and sex. Now as you were. Oh and have a wonderful week ahead, if you're in London, the weather is going to be awesome tomorrow and it's Bank Holiday. Wooooohoooo.

Toodles xxx