Monday, 17 June 2013

A Cold Case Love

The sirens never sounded soo louder nor did the cars still driving that late or early depending on how you saw it. His breathing roared in her ears as she lay in the dark and stared in to pitch black nothing. That was them, that was their future. It was dark and empty and quiet. Not a sound made except for those outside the window. 

And she lay and she thought to herself if anyone out there felt the same as she did. Lying in a cold loveless bed with a man they could not talk to or touch. A man who, though he was physically beside her felt so emotionally distant and stoic. A man who she had once loved and burned with passion for, the same man whose desire for her consumed him and eventually consumed them. They had started the journey both infatuated with each other and there they lay as perfect strangers in the same bed. A wild love gone cold....

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