Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Note of Thanks

This very post is dedicated to you, the reader, whoever you may be.

Sometimes I just write without thinking who might be reading it, but it doesn't bother me because I'm writing for me. This is my platform to express myself and it has been for 3 years (in August). I never really thought I'd get a readership and it may not be the biggest one but it's not the quantity that counts. So imagine my surprise when I got a message on Facebook from an old dear friend who told me how proud he was of what I was doing with my blog and went on to add that he's sure the boss (my dad, don't ask) would be just as proud. It was a shocker and it made me happy, to the point of tears. Maybe my dad doesn't read my blog but you do and that makes me happy.

Honestly no parent wants to encourage their kid to be a writer. It's not the best paying career and one could say it's almost dying. It's quite a tough field to break into. No one wants to read anymore. The list could go on. I have really close friends who have probably never opened any of my blog links simply because reading sounds stressful. No one wants to visit public libraries any more to read books (except their finals is two days away), not everyone values a good old book on a warm sunny day because they are way cooler hobbies to indulge in than reading.

So this post is a note of thanks to everyone who reads my blog, who shares my links and those who encourage me to keep writing. Someday I might be a renown writer and win awards, who knows, but I know this for sure, I would never have gotten there if I didn't have you all encouraging me and cheering me on for my next post.

Here's a big fat thank you to the faithful readers and the one timers, I hope I make you all proud and that this blog stays original for you. I might not know you all but I really just want to say thank you.