Honesty? Overrated?

In every relationship, everyone says honesty is the one characteristic they look for in a partner. But as I grow older I question this belief more and more. 
Are there some truths that should be hidden? Some truths that can't actually set you free? If I had an affair but it ended and I loved my significant other nonetheless, do I still tell 'em and hurt them? Are some truths worth sacrificing in other to save someone? 

Everyone claims to want to know the truth. They want to know where you were last night. Hey want to know your innermost thoughts. They want to know everything. But what if the truth hurts them? Is it possible then that honesty isn't really the best policy?

But then again what if that truth turns into a secret that eats away at you for a long long time?


  1. Honesty as a policy tool in relationships is HARD!! But what you don't know is the truth might not be setting them free but you. Get it off your chest befoe it drowns you

    1. Yeah I guess it comes down to the situation you're in

  2. Hmmm honesty is both good and bad. The thing is that you cannot be honest allllll the time.


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