I Love Me More

Ever heard the line; "I love you but I love me more", usually used during a break up, don't you just think "WHAT? You selfish ....." PAUSE

Of course I'm not going to insult people who use that line, I happen to be one of the patronisers of that quote. What does it mean? "I love you but I love me more". Frankly I think the message is written in black and white, it's like KABOOM all in your face, doesn't need deciphering. It's as simple as it gets, I love you, I loved you when things were smooth and I still have love for you but I love myself too damn much to put up with this false facade anymore. I love myself too much to cry my eyes to sleep, I love myself too much to be your punching bag - both emotionally and physically. I love myself too much to keep tiptoeing round you like I'm walking on broken glass. I love myself too much to keep playing female detective with every phone call, text message or tag you get on social networks. Most importantly I love myself too much to settle for anything less than the best.

So the next time you hear this quote remember that the person has assessed the situation/relationship whatever and concluded that it's time to show/get themselves the proper love they deserve, seeing as you wouldn't be living up to the task.  Is it a cliche break up quote? Sure but it's much better than "it's not you it's me"


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