Snippets from the inside

If you keep a journal like me, you'd find that it's interesting to read back on what you've filled. Sometimes you find yourself laughing at some of the things you've written or remembering things you almost forgot. I have what I like to call 'Selective Amnesia' (actually a term I once heard on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) but I tend to not remember a lot of things. Not because I don't want to but when you've had a lot of bad things happen to you in the past, your memory tends to do you a favor and shuts down most of the time so that the voices in your head don't come back to haunt you later.

So it's quite fascinating hearing about my past from a lot of people, it's almost like I'm just hearing it for the first time and I go "really? that happened?". Anyways I have a lot of journals, almost 15, not that I'm counting, I'm just saying. And I hadn't written in the present one for a while, so I picked it up today and started reading back. It's actually amazing what's happened so far this year. Hmmmm.

That's not the point. I came across certain entries I felt were worth sharing, not personal, not at all, I don't think we've gotten there with our relationship. They are mostly quotes I wrote down to encourage me on certain days and I hope they do just that to you too.

Take care Darling xxx


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