The Real YOU

Sometimes we find encouragement in the weirdest places. I went on my facebook today and this was the message I got from my 'God wants you to know...' app, it said

                               "It's time to let people see your inner beauty"
It's time to let people know the real you. Be who you are, not who you think people want you to be. You are more beautiful on the inside than you realize, and you need to share that beauty with others. Be transparent, let your guard down, let people see the real you...

The real you, some of us don't even know who that person is anymore. Behind closed doors, when you take off your masks, take off your make up, let your guard down and stare in the mirror, that person is who the world needs you to be. Stop trying to be a copy cat, stop pretending to be what you not. The world does not need soo many Rihanna's nor does it need  any more Bob Marley's. And it definitely doesn't need you to be Marilyn Monroe. That's who they are not who you are. The world doesn't need any more copy cats, it needs the real you because the real you is soo much better than the facade you have up now. And anyone who doesn't like the real you can suck it!

Be You.... Be Real...


  1. I love this!! We need more real people and I hope people stop acting like what they are not. Serious case of identity crisis


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