What You See Is What You Get

Who remembers this quote from Computer Science in probably junior school? WYSIWYG pronounced 'wizzywig'. Well today my good friend Sally put up a picture and quote that fit perfectly with this acronym. And it was the church truth so I've decided to share it with you all especially to those who still think they can do the impossible. 

 Story: Today I was speaking to my friend and I wanted to share with her something new I just learnt relating to an issue she was sharing with me.

How I explained It to her: You meet a "fish" ! The fish 🐟 introduces itself as a "Fish" and acts like a "fish". You accept them as a "fish" physically but in your head there is an expectation that the "fish" is a "chicken" 🐔 OR the "fish" is a "chicken" and it is just lying and pretending to be a "fish". You build soooo much expectations (it even becomes so unreal).

Moral: when someone/something  shows you they are good/bad/amazing/sly (whatever the case), accept it and stop "hoping" they would change on your behalf (Who do you think you are? Lol). Please understand the truth of THEM/IT & the truth of YOU

But seriously: Please do not waste your time, on people/things that have really shown you that they mean no good for you.

The quote above is by Maya Angelou

By Salamatu Yusifu ❤


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