100 Things I Love

After a looooooong period of no blogging, I decided to go surfing for inspiration elsewhere. For starters, I started a photo blog, at least no one ever runs out of pretty pictures to post on the internet (I Hope). It's called A Thousand Words and I hope you like it. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

BUT I came across this post on one of the blogs I follow, Sofia's Journal, where she did a series of 100 things that make her happy and it inspired a whole bunch of bloggers to do theirs as well. I have decided to join the chain and do mine. Plus it would be fun finding out the things that actually make me happy and when my boyfriend/husband goes clueless on how to make me happy or cheer me up he can always refer to this list. Wish me luck and I hope this post inspires you.

I would break this series into 10 parts, 10 days, so yaaaaaaaay. Let's get this started



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