Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Little Too Obsessed

I've found that maybe, just a little I am obsessed with leopard prints. Ok fine I am obsessed. So bad that people who hardly know me can tell. Example, when attending London School of Journalism, by the second day, the entire class could tell I was obsessed with leopard prints. The weird thing is I never wore any leopard print item to class. Okay maybe the scarf on my bag was leopard print but that was it I swear, no top, no pants or shoes. But apparently when we got visual with magazines or created sceneries, I either cut out pictures with leopards or orange background and my classmates always put me in a scenery where I was stroking cubs or being surrounded by leopards. Should that ever happen, I hope they surround me in love and not hunger. So I've decided to share this obsession with you. I have other tiny little obsessions here and there like the colour red, the minions, disney etc. Every week I would post an obsession, no offence if leopard prints seem more redundant, can't help it. And I would title it 'A Little Too Obsessed', followed by that week's obsession

A Little Too Obsessed: Leopard Prints
A Little Too Obsessed: Spotted
A Little Too Obsessed: Love etc.

You get my point don't you? So here's to having fun with this series and reeling you into my world.


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