Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Before You

Before you there was me, there was hurt and there was pain.
There were tears and it was lonely.
There were insecurities and harsh words said over time that stuck.
There were painful memories from a broken heart
There were nights spent crying

And then there was the moving on phase
The 'I'm better off alone phase'
It was just me
The world revolved around me
And I liked it
No stress no hassle

But it got lonely
There were nights I yearned for company
Nights I wanted to be touched
To be kissed and to be held
Days when I wanted to be loved
And to love back

Then you came along
Ooh you turned my world around
It was hard getting used to not having my world revolve around me
But it was a sacrifice worth taking
There were days I wanted to run
To run for fear of what this could be

But how could I miss out?
Miss out on a love so great
A love which mended my heart and filled the empty spaces
A love that comforted me when I cried
And made me laugh
The kind of love that made me feel safe

See before you, there was me, just me
And it was lonely
And now it's full of happiness and love and laughter
My great love
My love story
I love you today and forever

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