Don't Let The Blues Get You

Well since I'm blogging, might as well write something useful. This is a compilation of things to help you feel better or make you happy if you happen to be down and stuck in bed. I hate staying in bed when I'm sick, I find that my mind tricks my body into thinking it's a lot sicker than it actually is. Once when I was sick (btw I hate going to the hospital so I treat myself), I decided to google my symptoms, worst thing I ever did. I was soo convinced I had cancer. I cried and made amends with God. True story. Turns out it was ... (never mind that's private medical history). Piece of advice don't ever google your symptoms, EVER!

So if you're having a bad case of the sniffles like me or whatever and just happen to be on bed rest, here's a list of things to watch to cheer you up

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Works like a charm

2.  Ferris Beuller's Day Off. Wouldn't it be great to do all the things he did?

3. Whitney. I find all the characters hilarious and the humour inappropriate. What's not to love?

4. Despicable Me. Of course this had to make the cut. What's not to cheer you up in this movie?

5. How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. All the things you SHOULDN'T do to your man. LOL. I should probably get Beau a 'love fern' *evil smile*

6. The Mask. Somebody Stop Me! Love Jim Carrey

7. Some Like it Hot. A black and white movie never hurt, especially if it has Marilyn Monroe in it, that way your boyfriend won't object to your choice

8. The Cosby Show. We all know the 80s and 90s had the best tv sitcoms

9. Think Like A Man. Rom-com? Hell Yeah. Kevin Hart. Double Yeah

10. The Hangover. This is just so I don't get accused for listing only female appropriate movies. That and it's actually a hilarious movie. If my dad could approve of this then well....

Okay that's what I could come up with in this condition. Maybe someday I'll make a blues playlist; not sad songs, songs that actually make you sing along in your groggy, croaky voice. And now I'm going to watch number 2 just so I can see the 'Twist and Shout' Scene, by far my favourite in the movie. Plus it's my darling's birthday, Niya, so a special shout out to her. 



  1. Get well soon B

  2. Lol I always treat myself too. And when I feel better after a few days, I feel the doc in me applauding:):). Thought there are persistent infections that actually have to be taken to a real doc but hha


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