Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Drop Your Damn Phone

I’ve found that these days I spend more time staring at my iPhone, doing something on it, rather than actually experiencing life. When I wake up, I pick up my iPhone to check for messages, praying that someone sent me one, because who doesn’t like waking up to messages? Then I surf through the thousands of emails that I got from websites I don’t remember subscribing to. After that it’s social networking time, I go through Instagram to see pictures from my fabulous fashionable friends or family members on summer vacations I should be taking. After that it’s twitter time, what’s everyone tweeting about? Who’s trending? I’m not much into Facebook so that’s not part of my routine. When I’m completely done with that, I’m off to Candy Crush trying to beat someone’s high score or advance to the next level. And all that before I even leave my bed, sad right? During the day I find myself glancing at my phone replying instant messages or waiting for someone to upload a picture on Instagram I can like or replying important emails. It’s a fight my boyfriend and I constantly get into, as he hates that I’m always on my phone. One day while trying to check what the weather was, he snapped at me “why don’t you go outside and feel it?” he retorted irritated and I knew right there and then that I had replaced life with a virtual existence. I began trying to notice most youths around me and realised, thankfully, I wasn’t the only one suffering from this disease, ‘technonemia’ (I just coined that now, yaaaay me). How often do we miss the important things in life because we’re too busy gluing our eyes to our smartphones and gadgets? How often do we miss out on a baby’s first walk, a rainbow in the cloud, a significant others achievements because we are too busy rotating our lives around our apple products? How anti social has our phones made us, when even at social gatherings with friends and family we find ourselves tapping away at our touchscreen? Would it kill us to drop our phones, not check our emails, or ignore that other person’s candy crush high score to just live in the moment and enjoy this short phase called life? I’ve decided to have a technology detox, which can come in different forms

  • ·      Don’t reply every email the moment you get it, set apart a time and reply all emails at once.
  • ·      Take out an hour everyday with no technology around you, no phones or tablets or laptops. Just you and the world, a walk might be nice or thinking on purpose session
  • ·      When in social gatherings, put your phone on silent or Do Not Disturb. IPhone lets calls from favourites ring even on silent so if you’re bothered about missing a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend or parent’s call, list them under your favourites.
  • ·      Take out weekends or a whole day to not use your phone. But inform important loved ones less they worry that you’re missing or worse.
  • ·      Instead of constantly tapping at your phone replying instant messages, why not write a hand written letter or note? Take it back a notch to the good ol’ days

Like I said it’s a detox that could come in many forms and it would change your world and your life forever. Good luck x

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