Monday, 22 July 2013

It Takes Two You Know?

Am I the only one fed up with the double standards that society has when it comes to relationships. If a girl gets pregnant, she gets judge but the guy walks away scot free (most times). It took two to get pregnant you know? Well that's not what I'm fed up with, even though that gets on my nerves as well. From a significant age, girls are trained to become future wives.
Sweep that floor well, is that what you would do in your husband's house? 
My friend come into the kitchen, is it take away your husband would be eating?
Cover yourself or you won't find a husband.

AHHHHH! Enough already. While we spend the better half of our life "preparing" for our husbands and doing only wife appropriate things, what are our so-called "husbands" doing?

While society cracks down on grooming girls into becoming potential wives, the boys slip unnoticed playing football till it gets dark or playing video games till someone dislocates a thumb. Why is no one encouraging the boys to become potential husbands? Why aren't phrases like
"open the door for every girl or woman, someday you would do it for your wife", 
"get a job, the sooner you learn to be independent, the better your chances are of being a husband" and the rest being thrown at the boys too. Once upon a time, a 19 year old man was already married and taking full responsibility of being not just a husband but a man as well, today he's just too busy occupying himself with 'swag' and senseless rap music to even consider growing up. And then when the time comes and we women don't bring back home husbands, society would begin to whisper behind our backs and while we pass. Look at her, 28 and not married. Meanwhile I am a full 18 yards of wife material, the whole package; good looks, can cook, can maintain a home, even got a job. Where is my male counterpart? He's azontoing in the club or rolling weed while playing fifa. Society has taught him that 'boys will always be boys' so he doesn't feel the need to learn to commit. And you blame me? Think again. It takes two to tango, if you're going to breathe down my neck on becoming a 'wife material', please look to your side and talk to your boys too.

P.s MY opinion, which I am freely entitled to :)

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