Friday, 12 July 2013

Standards... Get them.

Have you noticed that as the years go by, values become history and ladies lower their standards, they just settle for 'less'. Not just in relationships but also in other aspects of their lives. But I'm focusing on relationships. 

Why do we put up with certain boyish behaviours in hopes of winning over a guy. Why do we tolerate certain juvenile behaviours from grown ass men that should know better? I disregard people who throw out sentences like "your standards are too high, you will never find a man". I have a friend who has never had a boyfriend because she has standards she holds on to and has refused to compromise. I admire her efforts, I really do because when it comes down to her and other girls who have compromised she's in a better place. For some of you it sounds ridiculous. I mean, so what if he checks out other girls once in a while. Who cares if he doesn't open the door for me? So what if he flirts around, at least he comes back to me. WHAT?!!!! 
No! Boys will not be boys. Stop with the excuses and double standards. Boys will grow up to be MEN! And if they don't then good riddance. If society demands so much from women then we at least deserve just as much from the men we end up with.

Don't give your man a reason to walk over you and then slip into depression when he's chasing after young 20 something year olds later. Get yourself some standards and stick to it. Don't be afraid to set standard for yourself. You deserve the best and the sooner you believe that, the better life would be for you. 


  1. Interesting! This post is for the women with actually 0 integrity, self absorbed in their own ignorance of what actual happiness is. I'd like to speak for the good ones when I say if you want a man of virtue you better set the standard as high for yourself. Be realistic tho.

    1. Couldn't have said it better. Very true.