The Blues

I've got the sniffles, it really sucks. Classic British summer, it's gloomy, wet and depressing once again. After taunting us with the sun for a couple of days it decided to go back to its bleak self. And I spent the whole day in bed nursing my flu.

What exactly did I do? Well I went through my old magazines, it's amazing how much of them I have in my room. And then I watched Bachelorette, no offence to anyone who watched that movie and liked it but I thought it was SHIT! And I have this habit where I always finish whatever I start; a boring book or movie, things like that so I watched it to the end. I just have to say that if I had bridesmaid like that I would kill them. Now I have to consider who I pick as my bridesmaids *sigh*

Then I watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S all day. They say laughter is the best medicine right? Had a good laugh but I still feel like poo. I'm seriously craving a steaming cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows, I'm all out since I didn't expect it would feel like winter in July UGH! I need a vacation to a really warm country with real summer weather.

It was my mum's birthday yesterday, hugs and kisses to her. I miss her, I miss home and family. Oh Dirty Laundry video is finally out, why is Kelly soo beautiful? I want all the lipsticks from this video. When I feel better I'm going on a lipstick hunt. Oh well just felt like blogging even though I have nothing really important to say. I'm going to go make me a cup of chamomile and honey tea since I don't have hot chocolate :(

Stay warm


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