Saturday, 27 July 2013

True Love Mystery

I'm such an avid reader of YouTube comments, I could probably spend a whole day reading YouTube comments and laughing my head off. Tonight I was watching trailers looking for a movie to cheer me up and I saw this comment under the trailer for 500 days of Summer. It was someone sharing his perspectives of true love, which you should check out here (top comment), but what struck me was this line
"...stop looking for true love, you won't find it, build one"

Is it true?? Have we got it all wrong, jumping from one relationship to the other trying to find true love, when all along we could have built one with someone. While it sounds intriguing, a number of questions can't help but pop in my head. But what if he's not the one? What if that's not my true love? Do I randomly pick out a man from the bus and BUILD true love with him? Okay that was obviously a stupid question.

He probably means this, when you find someone who accepts your flaws and loves you, though you fight constantly or he irritates you sometimes, you just don't throw it away, you can make a decision to stay with them through the worst days and make it through hard times and eventually you'll realise you built something; true love.

That's what he was trying to say right? That or I'm completely clueless. SMH. So do you find love or do you build one, what do you think?

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