Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Honey and Lemon

Since I'm in the blogging mood might as well share a post I once wrote when I couldn't sleep. It's a short prose, one of those ideas that float around in my head. If you guys like it so much, I might share more proses. This one was inspired by a honey and lemon facial I give myself every 2 weeks LOL. The things that inspire us...

Honey and Lemon
"How do you keep from not eating that thing off your face?" Bola asked as he watched his wife from the bed.
She was performing her bi-weekly facial, a do it yourself honey and lemon face mask that she religiously swore by. For 13 years he had watched her repeat the same routine every two weeks. At first he thought it was one of those things she did to impress him, but when she persisted a decade after they married, he found himself in deep admiration of his wife. 

"Hmmm?" She replied

"Don't you ever get tempted to eat your face when you put that on?" He asked again

"It's called discipline baby, it's not for eating, my tummy knows that" she said as she stuck her tongue out at him through the mirror.

To an outsider she would come off as vain, the way she slowly applied the mask on her face in circular motions, covering every caramel bit of her flawless skin in honey and lemon. Indeed it worked because she looked like a walking photoshop project, her slim tender face to compliment her petite frame. Even the scar she got by her jaw when she fell off a mango tree looked like it had been painted by Michael D'Angelo. With her hair up in a bun she would first steam her face before massaging her concoction to her damp face. To him it showed consistency, and not just with her beauty routine but with the way she loved and cared for him. She still looked the same way she did as when they had started dating, she had been consistent in supporting him, loving him, feeding him with sumptuous meals everyday for the past 13 years. If she had changed, it was only for the better.

And when the doctor had told them she couldn't have kids, she turned him into her baby and he loved her even more. She devoted her all in being the best she could be for them. Everyday she got up at 6 and prayed before she started her day. She cleaned and cooked then she got him ready and they went out to work together. She made it look so easy, being so consistent in her marriage, career and religion.

When things still felt like the honeymoon phase by the sixth year, he panicked. He checked every corner of the house in her absence looking for her mysterious calabash with his heart tied in it. He searched in vain looking for a superstitious reason as to why he loved her so much and why she was as flawless but he found none. Then he hired someone to follow her to find out if she met with a baba, because for him it was too good to be true to still be this in love while his friends took refuge in bars hiding from their charming-turned-monster wives. He had even gotten her drunk on many occasions to ask her questions only alcohol could truthfully answer but he got none. Eventually he accepted that God had blessed him with the perfect marriage.

But it was not always glamorous with them, it wasn't always perfect and they had their row once in a while over silly things like him not putting down the seat toilet or using a coaster for his glass cup or serious issues like why he was still supporting a particular family member and encouraging laziness. She had built their glamorous life from scratch with him, from when he had nothing till now that they could have anything they wanted. Their marriage was like her face mask, honey and lemon, it was sweet somedays and sour on others but that was what gave it the glow it had.

He stood up and walked to the bathroom and watched her in the mirror as her gaze caught his and she smiled.

"Oga do you want a facial as well?" She teased

"Maybe" he replied and walked over to her. She cocked her head to the side and gave a sarcastic smile as she smeared some on his cheek. He pulled her in and kissed her before she pushed him away

"Noo you're going to ruin my facial" she teased but threw her arms and kissed him back passionately. He disentangled himself and bent to kiss her swollen growing tummy.

"I wonder what we should call her," he said "Honey perhaps?" He added raising her eyebrow

"No, Lemon" she replied laughing as she returned to massaging her face. He hugged her from behind and rubbed her belly as he admired his little family in the honey and lemon mirror of his life.

Arianna has my heart

Who has seen the pictures of this precious adorable girl take the social media by storm? I for one, am captivated by her adorable self. The camera surely loves her and she loves it back. Anyways whenever I'm having a bad day I look at her picture. It's not creepy I swear, babies and little kids have a way of cheering me up with all that innocence and love to give away. I hope you love her just as much as I do.

Now tell me she doesn't have your heart too......
P.s Apparently Arianna isn't her name but the name of the photographer. If you ask me the name works for both of them. LOL

October Blues

I'm sorry for the long silence once again, school is back in session and it's whooping my ass already. You would think one would get a break in life, but no, it just gets harder. Well I'm nursing a cold right now and it sucks. I hate when I have the flu, it's a depressing period in life for me and Beau isn't here to take care of me. Which sucks extra. I really have nothing important to blog about so just going to rant. I'm warning you ahead of time.

I moved to Coventry, I miss London but Warwick University is really beautiful (if you're into nature). It's peaceful and green and I live by the lakeside. Yaaaaay. So here are some pictures

Well I wish I could post more pictures but I haven't really had time to go round snapping pictures with a better camera. I've got deadlines every week in November, SUCKS but God dey. Teas have become my new best friend, switching between Chamomile and Peppermint. Lemon and Ginger would have been the best for this cold but I don't have any and Beau isn't around to bring any for me :(

In happier news, I had a lunch date, not to get too excited, it was with Mia haha. That was a nice break from school stress. Want to see pics? well of course you do

Don't the last two pictures look like they were taken in Rome? I know, now I want to go to Rome, time to start saving. Okay not to bore you any further. Take care y'all and stay warm and indoors!


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Nobody Knew

It's an empty darkness
that fills the pit of her stomach
It's a strangling scream
That no one hears when she opens her mouth
It's a constant reminder
Of everything
The pills
The pain
The shame
The guilt
Nobody came
Nobody knew
No one could save her