Tuesday, 29 October 2013

October Blues

I'm sorry for the long silence once again, school is back in session and it's whooping my ass already. You would think one would get a break in life, but no, it just gets harder. Well I'm nursing a cold right now and it sucks. I hate when I have the flu, it's a depressing period in life for me and Beau isn't here to take care of me. Which sucks extra. I really have nothing important to blog about so just going to rant. I'm warning you ahead of time.

I moved to Coventry, I miss London but Warwick University is really beautiful (if you're into nature). It's peaceful and green and I live by the lakeside. Yaaaaay. So here are some pictures

Well I wish I could post more pictures but I haven't really had time to go round snapping pictures with a better camera. I've got deadlines every week in November, SUCKS but God dey. Teas have become my new best friend, switching between Chamomile and Peppermint. Lemon and Ginger would have been the best for this cold but I don't have any and Beau isn't around to bring any for me :(

In happier news, I had a lunch date, not to get too excited, it was with Mia haha. That was a nice break from school stress. Want to see pics? well of course you do

Don't the last two pictures look like they were taken in Rome? I know, now I want to go to Rome, time to start saving. Okay not to bore you any further. Take care y'all and stay warm and indoors!


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