Thursday, 21 November 2013

Flaws and All: One Week Progress

Hellooooo... SO I told you guys last week that I was going to be doing the water challenge, that is drinking 3 Litres of water. But I was going to start with 2 Litres first. Well the first week has passed. I must say it's not as hard as one would expect. I found myself drinking 10 glasses of water instead of 8, so I'm guessing moving to 13 cups by the 3rd and 4th week won't be so much of a challenge for me.

The only down side is I spend so much time dashing to the bathroom to wee. It's already cold plus the water challenge, not a good time to be doing this. But that is about the only difficulty I've had. Here's a picture of my progress. I know you're not meant to smile in the picture but who cares as long as you can see.

I noticed that I had more breakouts on my face but apparently that's the toxins being flushed from my system. I used a DSLR camera, made everything all so evident *side eye*. Erm I haven't worn any make up all week and I didn't have a facial this week (Bad Bondi). I don't use any facial wash either. I'm really terrible at those things, I probably don't know what a blackhead is LOL.

Okay this is taking out of my study time, so I hope this helps someone. Since I'm not using the water challenge for weight loss I haven't bothered checking my weight or anything. My waist atm is 27 inches. Let's see where it is at the 28th day, yes? Wish me luck


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