Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Games People Play

I'm in my 20's now (early 20's shall I point out), I only said that cause I wanted you to know I'm not a child anymore. Most of my friends are in the same group as well. SO it's established we're all grown ass people right? What I don't understand is why people are still playing games at this stage in life when it comes to relationships.

Like not calling immediately or ignoring someone so you don't seem needy, or playing the hard to get card or not interested card so chase me. Ugh you get my point. If you have something on your mind or a feeling, let it be known, I'm not psychic you hear? It was cool in high school, it satisfied our juvenile understanding of love and relationships, but surely we are growing up now, it's time to leave the games to FIFA and temple run, No?

Why is it so hard to just keep everything simple? Life, Love, everything. Do we need to complicate every single thing we set our minds on, I mean the world is already difficult on its own, if there are things we can simplify, why can't we do just that? I can't deal. Just this week I've had about 4 friends complain about their significant other playing games they just don't understand. I thought we stopped playing games a long time ago?

Here's a quote I reposted on instagram a couple of days back

"I'm in my 20s, perhaps too young for marriage but definitely too old for games. Too old to just be talking to people for the sake of it. Too old to be jumping from person-to-person At this age STABILITY, CONSISTENCY and LOYALTY is the Goal"

Do you see that playing games did not make the cut? Yeah let that sink in for a while...



  1. This is so true. by the way love your blogs
    keep 'em coming :)