Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The 28 day Water Challenge

So... I read on a blog about a woman who took 10 years off her face by drinking 3 litres of water for 28 straight days. I mean it's such an effortless beauty transformation right? she released pictures of her before and after. Who wouldn't want to do this? It's cheap, It's natural. Anyone can do this as long as they put their mind to it. So I'm going to give this a shot. I hope I stick to this because I am not the biggest fan of water considering that I'm a sprite recovering addict. LOL

Here's the tricky bit, 3 litres of water equals 13 glasses of water (OMG) that's alot of toilet trips for me. Goodness. But erm I want flawless skin too so I'm gonna try. I'll probably start with 2litres for the first 14 days and graduate to 3 litres. I'll also advice you to start small like 1.5 litres then 2 litres before you hit the 3 litres mark just so you don't overconsume water. These days everything has its own side effect.

But you can read about this woman's testimony here. And good luck to everyone. I look forward to hearing good reviews and reports at the end. And of course water does so much more than just detox our skin, it has soo many other health benefits. SO really this is for our own good...

Maybe I'll share pictures of my own transformation too hehehe. Good luck


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