Ad Audebit Diversae

For years now women have been revolting on the stereotypes laid out by society on how we should dress. We cut our skirts shorter, we showed more flesh, we brought back history, we defied history, we've done it all while we're still waiting for the men to catch up.

So of course we always welcome fashion brands that feed this impulse desire to keep changing and defying society's expectations; if they still expect that is. It's with great pleasure that I introduce Diversus which literally means Different in Latin. The key concept is dare to be different, Ad Audebit Diversae. 

If you know Amirah Waziri personally, you would be impressed that despite all she's accomplished and still is, she's added fashion to her life skills. The A/W '13 collection made its debut recently with strong silhouettes, dark and neutral colours, and a mixture of elegance and androgynous in one. I had the opportunity to skype with Amirah, because of course everything is digital now and it was convenient for both of us considering our location differences and she had a lot to say about the brand. 

So our Skype interview started and Amirah is all smiles, she's wearing a Boy London sweatshirt and her hair is up in a bun. She's just come back from her class Talking about her new baby, Diversus had her grinning from ear to ear and she had a lot to say

Despite the overpopulation in the fashion industry, Amirah believes that anyone can call themselves an artist but those with the dope shit would stand out.

On how Diversus was born: Amirah always had a niche for fashion design but never told anyone for fear of how they would react. But after completing her Maths and Physics foundation course, she found herself depressed and all she wanted to do was draw. And she found solace in that and finally summoned the bravery to make her designing dreams a reality. Moreover, she doesn't believe that there are enough unorthodox designers in Abuja, Nigeria that's why she went in that direction.

What to expect from the brand: Soo many unorthodox things. For someone who loves living on the cutting edge of things, she wants to express her awesomeness through her art. "Diversus is all about being subtle and bold at the same time"

Top celebrities and models she would love to see in her clothes are Kate Moss, Miley Cyrus, Naya Rivera, J Cole and Nas, who she is helplessly in love with. By now she bursts out laughing at her confession, which is adorably cute. But if she had to pick a face for her brand it would be Kate Moss.

Her target audience is not Nigerians. At least not limited to them, She wants to be internationally known and someday own a store on Sloane Street.

She draws her inspiration from her emotions, her surroundings, sometimes just from the basic things and other times from amazing designers like Rick Owen, Calvin Klein, MaxMara. These designers inspire her because they do so much from so little. 

Amirah is having an upcoming event to debut her collection on Saturday, December 7th 2013 at Doll House, London. There's going to be some special appearances there and everyone is welcome, so please attend if you're free. School closes this weekend, you don't have any excuse.

She also has a fashion film campaign that she's premiering at the Event which she couldn't have done without Machar Laushi and Fauzy Wadada, who she says "working with (them) has been soo bliss and they are so open minded, sincere and creative. Shout out to you two". And of course special thanks to her sister, Habibah Waziri who has been like her second mum and backbone and supported her through everything and of course her mummy, who has also been soo supportive and whose money she couldn't have done this without (again she bursts out laughing). 

One more important fact, Amirah is just 18 and she confessed that this is the scariest thing she's ever done. But you know what they say

"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough"

 Check out the full collection at and make sure you come for the Launch party. Tell a friend to tell a friend...


  1. I am in love with the concept of this from the name to the designs. just checked the collection. Well done to her, she is challenging the boundaries which is something I have always encouraged especially for northern nigerian girls. I love how her designs are abstract and uncommon in the fashion scene in nigeria. good luck Diversus.

  2. Awww thank you for the kind words. I showed Amirah your comment she was really encouraged. Thank you :*

  3. I really admire what she does! this has given me courage to step up as well!.. your blog is well written I enjoyed reading. Thank you :)

    1. Hi anonymous. Awww thank you so much. She'll be glad to know she inspired you. Thanks for the love x


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