Monday, 2 December 2013

Spreading the Christmas Cheer

Happy December everyone. It's almost the end of the year, we are blessed to still be here. So many lives lost this year and yet here we are. I'm really grateful. To the souls we lost, may they rest in peace. To the new additions, welcome to the world.

Oh wells, December is probably my favourite month, soo many weddings and the festivity. I love it all! And so in the spirit of christmas I've decided to dedicate this whole month to Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). Christmas shouldn't only be about the gifts under the tree or our 'christmas clothes' or the snow. It should be about the message as well, the message of love. There are a whole lot of people out there who don't feel loved, imagine if we all decided to commit a random act of kindness to a total stranger or even someone we know. And not just this month but every day. The world would be a much better place to live in. But one step at a time. So this month, for everyday till we enter the new year I'm going to try my best to commit a random act. I hope you all can join in to.

I started today. I had a late breakfast, and when I walked into the kitchen I stumbled across the lady who cleans the flat. Halfway through she took her lunch break, all that was left was for her to vacuum the dining area. So I did it for her, Ayman who was in the kitchen with me went "are you serious?", she hasn't seen it yet and I don't expect a thank you. But three times every week she cleans the flat without complain, always smiling and cheerful at her job. It's the least I could have done for her. You don't have to go and start completing the tasks of everyone but you can do something they least expect and if everyday is too much of challenge for you then you can try 

12 RAK for each day of Christmas
4 RAK for each week in December
A set number of RAK; 10, 20....

Good luck everyone. Let's spread love and the christmas message; Christian or not. Being kind is not limited to any religion.

"If we teach love, only love, every heart would open up
If we give love and only love, life would be much easier
If we teach love and only love, we would see the work of Jah...
Cause love is the key"


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  1. Girl that's very nice of you. Wish there were more of you. I better start ma RAK:)