The Beautiful, the Past and the Future

This is a beautiful piece of work written by my friend, Jerry about confessions or his account on different women in his life. Said women are anonymous so it could be about you or not :P. It's an interesting read, maybe your story may be in it ;). I feel soo honoured that he's letting me 'publish' his work on my blog. Enjoy reading it as much as I did xxx


As a child i probably knew nothing about emotions, love and commitment but con- cerning you i know i felt something. I remember the day your head got stuck in a burglar proof in our house, i laughed as a child but i still felt your pain when you cried and called out for your mother.
We grew older, you became more beautiful and now i got more sure about what i was feeling for you. Your dad moved from the City we grew in and so did you and the rest of your family- i felt broken but i knew it was a phase we all had to go through in life (change is inevitable). I remember i asked you out on time via email (i was always at the internet cafe then) and you said NOooo (in this same wise and font) but i never gave up. I called you one time (via Econet with my Mums Nokia 3310) and you told me in this same words “Please Leave me alone, stop being a pest to my life”. I just let you be and i remember you were the first person that called my number when i lost my mum in 2006 (i was so happy even though i was sad at the same time). Now we are even more older and all these things are just stories from the past and we have grown to become close friends. Now i however can not write about the future because it hasn’t come yet, so i’ll just say - The story continues...........

You were probably the SMALLEST person i’ve ever seen and not disregarding the fact that i was pretty small too as a child. You had a black dress on, with a white collar on it and a red ribbon which you used to tie your hair (weird - but i know you won’t remember). We played all day in the sand cause thats what kids during our days did. Your Mum came to the Town where i lived to launch her album which was in our native language (marghi) and i remember it was a huge success - the Venue was just opposite St. Patricks Catholic Church.
I saw you again at the wedding of one of your Uncles in the Village , you had no ear piercings but you were very much beautiful (i wondered how considering the fact that all the girls i know had piercings). You’ve graduated now and you came to Abuja - we’ve been keeping in touch on twitter and i finally got to meet you again after so many years. You had someone you were dating you told me (i didn’t even know what to think of that). The second time you came to Abuja we went to the Cinema and we saw “Dark Knight” together and after that i got to meet the guy you were dating, you were so happy when you saw him and i was happy for you too. I remember you cried in front of me once and i didn’t like that fact one bit cause i knew it was cause of a guy or so, but i do believe you are old enough to make your choices. I remember you sent me a Voice note of a rehears- als you were doing one time with your younger brother and till now i still have it and listen to it once in a while just to listen to your beautiful voice. We still chat and talk sometimes and so i’ll say - The Story goes on .........

I really don’t have much to say about you. You were the first girl i ever dated and i can’t say it ended so well- hence i’ll avoid trying to bring back any memories. I believe and hope you are doing alright now (i heard you’re dating someone now), we haven’t spoken in months and i’m doing very do have a unique walk i always teased you about though- THE END

I saw you in school one day, you were walking out of a class. I had that WOW look on my face (ok - i’m not the one to just stop a female and start a conversation so i just let you pass and walk by) , i never saw you again until are 3years. We met again on twitter (after i googled your name which i found out at some point while still searching to see you). You didn’t know me but i probably knew almost every- thing about you (heard some good, some not - which didn’t stop me). We started chatting on Twitter Via Direct Messages and i asked for your number which you gave me at some point.
I was out of the Country for Christmas with my family and you said you’d be traveling to the village for Christmas and your number hasn’t been going through

since i got it. I remember calling you on New years day 2013, we later met in class where you were studying in school after the Christmas break and i gave you a mes- sage in a brown envelop (which contained some earrings i got for you when i trav- elled for Christmas). We started hanging out and i went to your place where you lived with your younger sister and your cousins, i remember you cooked like all the time and i can’t remember a single day i left your place hungry. I got you a shoe you said you liked one time and also a gown or so. You had challenges with your previous relationship and i was always there to help you go through each day. I later asked you out at some point but you said no “it just wasn’t possible” and i still wouldn’t give up. I asked 2 or 3 more times but you still said No. You found some- one else and i just had to let you be. We don’t talk anymore - I’m doing fine and i hope you are too.

You are i’ll say one of the most intelligent females i have met in this life till date. You helped me a lot with my first relationship despite the time, hour or means which i contacted you with and you’d reply always with answers that got straight to the heart. First time i saw you it was a December Christmas break in Maiduguri and you haven’t even ever met me but the first thing you said was “So you’ll take us out and buy us shawarma ko?” - i was just speechless. Then again i saw you another Christmas season in Uba and the third time was in the U.K (London to be precise). I followed my dad for a short trip and i asked if you and your cousin were in London but your cousin couldn’t make it cause she was writ- ing exams at that time. We went to see one of your Uncles at his office or so and we later went to a restaurant (Chinese or Indonesian i think, i knew it was an Asian restaurant though). I went through the menu and i said i wasn’t going to eat a single thing here but you said “You just have to try something new” and i did. The food was spicy and some part had honey in it (weird). After that we went to a Bank where you deposited some money using the ATM, i remember you were a little bit confused and one of the Bank workers came out to help you with the de- posit, as you did that i went to HMV to get some DVDs and New albums i was looking for too.
We later went to the Cinema where we watched FAST FIVE (RIP Paul Walker) and you said it actually wasn’t your first time of seeing the movie but i noticed you were pretty much excited anytime Vin Diesel appeared on the screen (i remember you tweeting “Vin Diesel can get it” that evening). It was a day well spent - we still chat and talk once in a while, i have your Blog site saved as Bookmark and Favor- ite too (i’m a huge fan) and with this i’ll say ......the Story Continues 

By Jerry Obed
Twitter: @jerryowad


  1. I know one day, one of these chapters will be republished..I like chapter 4 tho.

    1. hi Jordan!! I pray so too. I know! they sound like they are meant to be

    2. Ehmm , Miss Bilala...there is nothing like "meant to be" in that part of my life. God knows.


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