Unbroken Silence

I’m sitting here waiting for you
Waiting to hear from you
Waiting to see you
I hate it
I hate waiting
I hate this feeling
I hate how you make me feel

That’s how I feel
Waiting to hear from you
Staring at my phone constantly
Hoping every message that comes in is from you
Rolling my eyes when I find out it isn’t
Disgusted with myself

I’m searching for your face in everyone’s face
I’m searching for a sign
That I’m not losing my mind
Constantly worrying over you
Here I sit in my room, a tub of ice cream
And Jhene Aiko in the background
Trying to drown out the feelings
Not even the ice cream could fill the emptiness inside of me

Where are you?
Why can’t I find you?
Why won’t you look for me?

Don’t you care anymore?


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