Friday, 17 January 2014


Sometimes what a girl really needs is clarity. No jumbles, no messes, no mind games, no gaps... no bull crap, just clarity.

A sign
A message
Writing on the wall
Black and white
A trip to clear your mind
A haven to recline from the world

You can't always tell what's going on in your life, I know not everyone has it all together. But it wouldn't hurt if somedays it felt like you did. Or if it didn't feel like you were drowning in your thoughts. It wouldn't hurt if the voices in your head shut up once in a while with all the damn questions.

What am I doing?
What are we doing?
Is it worth it?
Are we going to survive this?
What if I get hurt?
The Whys, the Whats, The Ifs...

For once, just clarity
Peace of mind
Surely it's not just a myth?

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